We cover the market as follows:

All partial markets

All types of films



film production, licence trade, TV channels, radio,
music, musicals, games, merchandising, events, media technology services etc.

feature films, TV films
and serials, cartoons,
services etc.

Companies of all sizes
(small, mid-sized and
large companies)

Germany, Europe, Asia, USA

1. Media Planning & Buying Agency
We provides analytics to optimize ad performance across all media
• Leverage our buying power across all media for our clients
• Analytics driven media planning strategies
• Cutting edge analytics reporting and dashboards

2. One Stop Media Buying Agency
Save time and watch the benefits of using a single integrated media buying and planning team

3. Traditional: TV, Radio, Magazines, and Billboards
Integrated media partner that will drive results across all channels for your company

4. Digital: PPC/SEM, Social Media, Email and Banner ads
View the effect of your online sales with digital media campaigns

5. Discounted Media Buying Rates of Over 60%
As supporting media buying agency with significant buying power, we are able to negotiate large discounts with leading publishers and media partners.
Over 60% Media Rate Discounts with Leading Publishers and media partners. Specialize in Mid and Large Market Media Buying.
Our experience in these markets has provided insights into new optimization strategies across all media channels.