Our business:

Our specialised team with experience spanning media and advertising, TV and film making, PR and digital means we are able to respond to clients varied needs and deliver on objectives.

1. Placement on Screen:

2. Placement in Print:

3. Placement at Event:

  • Brand exposure across all targeted media
    programmes genres

  • Scripted and visual messaging in fictional

  • Editorially led content in non fictional shows
  • Working with partners for post production
    digital insertion

  • Film
  • We understand the power of the traditional
    print and ensure our campaigns deliver
  • We create buzz around campaigns and
    projects that gives print journalists
    interesting content to write about whether
    that’s in the national, consumer, specialist or
    regional print press.
  • From PR stunts through to product launches
    and film premiers, we aim to bring a ROI, in
    sales and exposure. We’ve a wealth of
    experience to draw upon together with a
    hefty creative punch which makes our
    events truly original and memorable.
  • Event Strategy and Conceptualisation
  • Sponsorship of Existing Events
  • Event Creatio

4. Placement with People

5. Placement on Digital

We recognise the power of the celebrity and how effective product seeding can give you the edge on talkability, credibility and endorsement.
We target hard to reach and media savvy audiences through;

BE – The Brand Placement Agency delivers a variety of digital placement solutions in this changing apace multi platform media environment;

  • Celebrity Dressing
  • Product SeedingFront & Back of House
  • Social Media
  • Online PR
  • Social Media

Movie Drinks / Twilight – BD2

In November 2012 the second part of BREAKING DAWN will reach movie theatres, marking the conclusion of the whole Twilight saga.

With ticket sales of almost 140 million and box office revenues of over 700 million dollars, the first part of the last episode was one of the most successful films of all time.

The pricipal Twilight actors Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have a vast and loyal fan base around the world who will not want to miss this unique merchandising article.

Display stand

A seperate display stand for positioningstand-196x300
in the commercial and convenience
sectors holds a consistent 120 x 4 packs
with a special film-specific design.

The stand is prefabricated and delivered
on a CHEP palette.