Our Projects

Alisan Saltik( CEO) founded 2010 roundaboutmedia as a co-production company and as an agency, which is also active in release placements, product placements and P&A finance.

In addition to that roundaboutmedia act also as a licencing agency, is connecting brands and audiences through sponsorships, licensing, media, consulting, venues, talent management and unparalleled client services.

Alisan Saltik himself studied in Erlangen and in Freiburg literature, philology and theatrical sciences.
In 1996 he published with book house Campe as a “belletrist between 2 worlds” (Süddeutsche Zeitung) his first book.
He published 19997 his first theatre „Bettler und Künstler“.

Arte, SWR and the Cultural Embassy of Israel in Berlin awarded him recommendations for his work against racism.

He wrote fairy tales for children and staged as an actor on stage in Freiburg and other cities.

In 1998 he got to know Baumi (Karl Baumgartner) and works as an author and script doctor on screenplays of the Pandorafilm.

Since 1999 he studied and worked in Berlin for TV (Pro7Sat1) and different film producers as a director, author and creative producer.

During this time he also worked for Sat1 talent and Sat1 actors class.
He made Castings, short films as a director, screenwriter and he was shooting also advertising films.

In 2005 he was the idea giver, screenwriter and director of „Zanzibar for fifa“ for Pro7 with Oliver Pocher as „Nationalteam Boss“.
For Sat1, Filmline, 24framesfilms, Pandora and other companys he worked on a lot of TV& cinema productions.

From 2004 to 2007 he was also appointed by Zanzibar sports ministry to the team manager of the national team in appreciation of his efforts in Zanzibar

In 2009 he started also to work with national an international film distributors (Warner, Concorde, Constantin, Universal, Sony Pictures, Disney,etc.).

2010 he was Co- Producer of Entre Lobos (cinema film) and executive Producer of Vater Morgana (cinema film).

2012 Expendables 2 as Executive Producer belongs also to his credits.